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TIE Module for Educators


Protopages in Education 


Add this site to your Protopage

Protopage is your own personal page that you can use for quick access to everything on the web that you go to most. You can use it to:

  • Read news from your favorite news sites and blogs
  • Keep bookmarks to your most frequently accessed web sites
  • Organize your day with to-do lists and sticky notes
  • Create web pages, group pages, and intranets
  • And much more!

Creating your page is easy and fun - simply drag and drop from our directory of hundreds of widgets containing everything from news headlines to sports scores to puzzle games.

You can keep your page private, make it public, or even set a group password so that you can share parts of it with specific friends or colleagues.

Set your Protopage as your personal start page, and it will appear every time you open your web browser!



Link to Protopage PowerPoint


TIE Module's Protopage for Training


Password: view


 Link to Wiki Page With Sample Protopages



Protopage Manual 



Links Below to Protopage Manual


2.Quick start 

3.Page overview 

4.Adding widgets to your page 

5.News feed widgets 

6.Built in widgets 

7.Third party widgets 

8.Working with widgets 

9.Customizing your page 

      10.Working with tabs 

      11.Tab categories 

      12.Page sharing 

      13.Frequently asked questions 

      14.Contact us 

      15.Browser toolbar button 

      16."Add to Protopage" button



Toolbar Button





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